HHC 2022 - Orientation Walkthrough

Walkthrough for the 2022 Holiday Hack Challenge Orientation! Get your badge, wallet, and bearings. Glory!

HHC 2022 - Orientation Walkthrough

Walkthrough for the easiest leg of the journey, but they are objectives regardless!

Objective 1 - Talk to Jingle Ringford

Jingle Ringford will start you on your journey

Click on the elf, as instructed in the text blurb! You'll likely have to click a few times.

2 - Get your Badge

Pick up your Badge

If we click enough times on Jingle, a new sidebar, your badge , and new instructions appear!

3 - Create a Wallet

Create a cryptocurrency wallet

Click on the ATM. It will load a page with instructions:

Instructions are as follows:

  1. Read this
  2. No seriously, read this
  3. Okay, you might not have read the first two, but you definitely should read this
  4. Read this again please
  5. Okay, fine, just click the button

Your wallet is created in the background, and a new page loads. Read the instructions, and be sure to copy down BOTH your WalletAddress and your Key.  If you are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency, do NOT share your Key with anyone. That's also known as your private key, and should be kept that way.  Your wallet address can be publicly shared, worst thing that happens is someone sends you a bunch of Kringlecoin. Which could be clutch once KC rolls out staking capabilities!!! (The last sentence was a joke).

4 - Use the Terminal

Click the computer terminal

Jingle wants to chat with you again.  Click on him to see what he has to say. A raspberry pi terminal will appear.

Remember this logo, as these will be placed throughout KringleCon, and will be your web shell used to for many different challenges!

Follow the instructions in the terminal, click on the upper pane, and type answer in the pane.

5- Talk to Santa

Talk to Santa in front of the castle to get your next objective

Walk through the gates, and you'll find Santa! Just like you did for Jingle, click on Santa, and he'll tell you a story and give you the lowdown of what's going on!

Pro-tip: Any character in the game with green text over their name is worth talking to, by clicking on their avatar or name.  They can unlock new objectives, give hints, or just say some funny things from time to time.  Remember this if you're stuck as you're playing through the game!

GLORY! It's a Christmas Miracle!

After chatting with Santa, you will have officially completed the KringleCon Orientation!  Head towards KringleCon, either by clicking, or using your arrow keys:

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